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    The Cocker Spaniel temperament

    These happy little dogs are much more than just a house pet. Behind the lovely draping ears and the silky coat is a skilled hunter who would do anything for his master. Here are some more aspects of the Cocker’s temperament that you might want to familiarize yourself with. A calm nature These Spaniels are…   Read More »

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    Looking after your Cocker Spaniel’s ears

    The Cocker Spaniel’s gorgeous long ears make him very pleasing to the eye. However, they can be prone to infections and irritations from time to time. To prevent this, here are some important ways to look after your Cocker’s ears. Inspect the ears daily If you can spot problems before they get too serious, you’ll…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    How to tell what your Cocker Spaniel is thinking

    Cocker Spaniels are a sensitive breed that like to be kept company for most of the day. If you’re a Cocker owner, you’ll want to know when something is bothering your little dog, or when something has made him happy. Here are the signs to look out for. Your Cocker Spaniel is happy Cocker Spaniels…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    How to make your Cocker more confident

    If your Cocker is fearful, submissive or prone to urinating when nervous, it’s a sign he probably isn’t as confident as he should be. A happy, well-socialized Cocker should feel he is an important member of your family and should be calm in most situations. If he isn’t then something needs to change. Here are…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    How to groom your Cocker Spaniel

    The Cocker Spaniel’s long, silky coat can take two very different paths: you can either cultivate the long look and groom your Cocker in the style of a show dog, or you can keep the coat clipped shorter for practical reasons. Here are some good tips for grooming your Cocker. The Cocker coat The coat…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    History of the Cocker Spaniel

    The delightful Cocker Spaniel is a popular little dog. If you’ve decided to get a Cocker, you’ll want to know all about his history and his ancestry. Here is some useful information. Ancient dog history Back in Roman times, a variety of dog types were bred to fulfill everyday tasks such as guarding property, hauling…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Health conditions in the Cocker Spaniel

    Cocker Spaniels may seem full of energy with a zest for life, but the reality is they can be prone to some health conditions if the come from a poor breeding line. Always choose a puppy from a responsible, health conscious breeder to avoid this. In addition, remember your Cocker is only going to be…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Cocker Spaniel pros and cons

    Are you in the process of deciding whether to get a Cocker Spaniel? These sweet natured dogs are a firm favourite both in the UK and abroad. Like all breeds though, they aren’t 100% perfect. Here are some pros and cons you should weigh up before you choose this breed as your canine companion. Cocker…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    Cocker Spaniel FAQs

    If you’ve fallen for this lovely, long-eared dog, you’ll probably want to know everything about the breed. Here are some frequently asked questions you might find useful. What’s the difference between an American Cocker Spaniel and an English Cocker Spaniel? The English Cocker is the original Cocker Spaniel, which tends to be taller with a…   Read More »

  • Wellpets Breeders

    5 activities you can do with your Cocker Spaniel

    If you and your dog are looking for some quality time together, you’re in luck! The Cocker Spaniel can turn his hand to many tricks, and is a great all-round dog in terms of his athletic ability and his temperament. Here are some activities that are just perfect for you and your Cocker. Canine Good…   Read More »

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